Feb 1, 2024 | Artistic Inspiration




Did you know that this first exhibition of the year at Place de

la Porte de Versailles is the international contemporary art fair?





That Paris is a venue to bring together international artists and famous gallerists

from all over Europe.



As well as regional exhibitors, meet in Paris to present their works through technological and physical platform, exhibitions in

collaborations and solos offer a unique opportunity to discover new talents and established artists in contemporary art.

Art is the most important point in humanity to be able to remain more creative. Can you imagine the world without artists, it would

be very boring and indifferent to cultural.



The quality of a great human being is to love, and if you can love and be creative in your environment it is a differentiator within

humanity but if you are an artist combining all values, integrity, intellect, culture and creativity in one space it is like making magic

in the world. As long as you can cultivate and share with others, it’s the most fun.


The exhibition at Paris Art Fair is the new modality and the latest in technology to bring art to the whole world within the most popular contemporary art fair.



So I couldn’t miss it in the best events and the collection I presented was reflection energy in a big canvas format with textures where I express part of the inspiration of the creation of it.


The colors are very particular with the textures, which is why it is an attraction in these pieces of art because of the concept of the process that transforms the visualization of each person.




With Love,

Yahaira Vannucchi.


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