Yahaira Cohinta Vannucchi


I will share with you my expertise in art and my experience as a professor and coach at one of the most prestigious universities in Latin America, The University of Guadalajara.

My name is Yahaira Cohinta Vannucchi and I am the owner of the Vannucchi Art Studio.

My Story

Painting is my PASSION.

I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico to my mother, a nurse, and my father, an engineer.

My parents got married very young. My mother was 18 and my father was 20 when they had their first child, my brother Alex. I was born two years later. Alex and I looked like twins growing up and he was my best friend.

My parents divorced when I was 8 years old. Alex and I had a hard time. During this time Alex and I were with my mother every other weekend.

My mom played guitar and she would take Alex and I to an art/music space on Sundays.  Alex and my mom took guitar lessons and I took painting lessons. 

Painting quickly developed into my passion, it allowed me to focus on something that made me feel happy. I went from painting on Sundays to painting all the time.

Wherever I went I found inspiration. I wanted to express how I observed life through my paintings.

“Confidence at a young age”, I received first place in the elementary school art contests I participated in.  At 10 years old I entered a state competition for urban design and won first place for designing an electric train for my city.

I was crazy excited. I could not believe it.

It made me believe in myself and gave me the confidence to be a designer and a painter.

One of my first paintings

I was inspired by a fragment of “La Pala del Spedalingo” by Rosso Fiorentino. 

My translation was that in life there is always good and evil. When I started painting I wanted to be like Leonardo da Vinci. His work continues to motivate me to this day! 

My creativity never stopped.

I translated my thoughts, feelings, and observations into paintings. As I got older I started working to pay for my education. I was painting less, but I never lost sight of my artistic goals. I always knew that painting was my life.

No matter how much time I spent in my studio, or how many paintings I created, I never lost my passion to paint. 


I studied art, architecture and  design at the University of Guadalajara. It was a challenge to work and attend the university, but I was committed to my educational goal.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning and Environment, specializing in planning. I continued at the University of Guadalajara and earned two master’s degrees, one in Technology Apprenticeship and another in teaching Research Methodology. 

Two days after graduating, the university offered me a teaching position! I began teaching technical drawing and painting!

This was the beginning of my 17 year teaching career at the University Guadalajara (2006-2022). 

In addition to teaching art classes, my colleagues and I established the first College of Urban Planners in Jalisco, Mexico. I was the Vice President and a founding member. 

During this time I worked on various projects and cultural programs in different countries. We held workshops and represented  culture through paintings, sculptures, and drawings. 


My time at the University of Guadalajara was very rewarding and it helped me grow creatively. I am very grateful to all of the people that I have worked with – you got me to where I am, and you help me continue to grow.

“Don’t wait, the time  will never be right”  -Napoleon Hill     

Blessed path to continue growing..

I am lucky to be married to an excellent man, my husband, Dominic. He is American from an Italian family.

Our love brought us together, and we now live a beautiful life in the United States of AmericaOur Mexican and Italian cultures blend very well together that make us happy all the time .

He encouraged me to start my own business, and has supported me the entire way. I deeply appreciate every little thing and every big thing he does for me.

He is my favorite person.
I love you with all of my heart.
Thank you Dominic #Bello❤️!!!

My beautiful adventure…

My goal through Vannucchi Art Studio is to create paintings without limits, through the techniques I already know, and the new ones I will discover. 

My art is fueled by the passion that I have to live every moment and inspire as many people as I can. Allow me to share all this with you!

This is only the beginning!   

I am an energetic and powerful person and I am very sensitive to what others are experiencing.

They inspire me to create in a fun way with a series of textures that make painting more exciting. That is why each piece I create is different, unique, and special.

Every piece starts as a blank canvas and becomes a magic work of art.

Yahaira Vannucchi

Thank you for your support!
You make this

With love❤️

Yahaira Cohinta Vannucchi    


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