Dec 4, 2023 | Artistic Inspiration

This will be the last exhibition of 2023 at Miami Art Fair

SPECTRUM by MONAT gallery.

It will be the exhibition from December 6th to 10th so I can

give you a sneak peek.



If you like great pieces of art you will find the latest and newest collection. What is different about this collection is that they are

large pieces with a lot of color where their textures are more noticeable.




I was inspired by all my surroundings to be able to capture the energy that came out of me in the

creation of these pieces of art that I called reflection energy. The interesting thing about this new collection is that you can

distinguish the intensity of the composition with a subtlety of texture that transports you to a timeless space . We don’t bite the

energy, measure it so easily, only through observation you will be able to see more details, so it happens with this collection.



You can describe the intensity according to your perception, the goal is to inspire more people to use their energy in an

extraordinary way, so call this big canvas collection at





It is to encourage the viewers to enjoy their reality no matter how hard the process was to get to where you are today and on the

other hand, if it is a difficult situation, remember that this life is only for the living, I mean, accept the ups and downs that happen,

they are part of this learning but do not get caught up in the negative, that is reflection energy collection.



With Love,

Yahaira Vannucchi.


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