The Beyond Borders exhibition

Jun 20, 2024 | Artistic Inspiration

The Beyond Borders exhibition is very important to me, mainly because Spain is one of the countries that represents my roots, with its rich culture and beautiful cities.



The Beyond Borders exhibition organized by Artio Gallery at the prestigious MEAM in Barcelona, Spain, is a celebration of creativity without boundaries. From June 28 to 30, 2024, this show will bring together an impressive diversity of artists from around the world, presenting a rich variety of styles, techniques, and visions.


Beyond Borders seeks to challenge traditional limitations of art and foster a deeper and broader understanding of artistic expression. Through the presented works, this exhibition aspires to connect cultures, ideas, and perspectives, demonstrating that art is a universal language that transcends physical and conceptual boundaries.


Beyond Borders is not just an exhibition, but an invitation to explore the infinite possibilities of art and recognize the power of creativity to connect people beyond their differences. We hope that visitors feel inspired and enriched by this unique experience.

Join us at the MEAM to celebrate the opening of this exciting exhibition on June 28, 2024, at 18:00h. We look forward to seeing you there!


About the artist


  • Alina Kloka
  • Almu Jiménez
  • Ana Carolina Ceramics
  • Anastasia Yanchuk – Nati
  • Anna Gigon
  • Artangelus
  • Asya Alpay
  • Avril Haubrich
  • Blanca Marti
  • Brenda Ng
  • Bridie Keogh
  • Brook
  • Chiara Helmet
  • Chris Margoblou
  • Claudia Kaka
  • Daryl Lo
  • Gabriel Helou
  • Hector Acevedo
  • Hector Valdes
  • Henrique Diogo
  • Irene Chua
  • Iryna Dolzhanska
  • Jmh
  • Jo Gamel
  • Joanna Pegier
  • Julia Krumpen
  • Kristina Brühler
  • Kristina Nordin Wesenlund
  • Madi
  • Malina Wieczorek
  • Margit M Hübschen
  • Mari Kamai
  • Neil Shapiro
  • Nigar Helmi
  • Nikola Smilkov
  • Nina Enger
  • Noa Ry
  • Viktoria Schöner
  • Yahaira Vannucchi
  • Trudy Wright
  • Moumu


With Love

Yahaira Vannucchi.

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