Apr 20, 2024 | Artistic Inspiration






It is always very gratifying to participate in collaborations in my city or in other countries because of

how exciting it is to see more art.




Learn from the other artists to see and listen to their talks and more fun, that we do not stop having a pleasant time with music

and some exceptional conferences, very satisfactory comments and that is why this post. Let me share with you Giuseppe Verdi

(1850)And performed by a wide variety of singers and belonging to Verdi’s opera Rigolettoigoletto and which in turn belongs to

the subgenre of opera, Aria. It is one of the most famous arias in universal lyricism, composed at the last moment by Giuseppe

Verdi in response to the demands of a tenor who needed an aria to shine in the last act of Rigoletto.





Personally, I was inspired by the song performed by Luciano Pavarotti, which I find very controversial, the lyrics and I made some

modifications but it still sounds like La Donna e mobile. Because changes or adaptations to my perspective can change

everything and that’s how we are controversial and unstoppable women. Art always goes hand in hand with its branches with

which it beautifies the world and society thanks to the musical contributions of Giuseppe and interpreter Pavarotti of great

international talents.




“La donna è mobile, “

qual piùma al vento,

Muta d’accento, e di pensier.

Sempre un amabile,

leggiadro viso,

In pianto o in riso, è menzognero.

sempre misero,

chi a lei s’affida,

Chi le confida mal cauto il core!

Pur mai non sentesi

felice appieno

Chi su quel seno non liba amore!

La donna è mobile,

qual piùma al vento,

Muta d’accento e di pensier,

E di pensier, e di pensier!




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