Pineapple Mountain Top


Pineapple Mountain Top – Abstract – Mountain Tops Collection.

Unique art piece made in 2023.
Yahaira Vannucchi.
United States.
Painting oil on canvas.
Size : 40 W x 30 H x 1.1/2 D.
Professional shipping included .

“Pineapple Mountain Top” is a master piece of the Mountain Tops Collection.



This unique piece titled “Pineapple Mountain Top” was created in 2023 by Yahaira Vannucchi. I

am an artist, urban planner, coach, and entrepreneur with more than 16 years of teaching





I was inspired to depict how mountains are a representation of power. The pineapple  reminds me of the holiday season.


Having fun does not do harm to anyone and we all need to recharge with good energy. I can imagine thousands of families

spending a vacation together with the purpose to be better! The holidays are the vitamin that every human being needs.

Change your stressful start, take a day to recharge wherever you are.Enjoy a pineapple at the mountain top.

Keep in mind the color in the mountains shows perseverance is a habit that can make you better.  


I drew inspiration from the majestic power of mountains to create my artwork. The vibrant imagery of a pineapple,

synonymous with the holiday season, adds a touch of joy and warmth to my pieces.


Indulging in fun activities is essential for rejuvenation, and my art serves as a catalyst for positive energy. Imagine families

coming together, seeking personal growth amidst breathtaking landscapes! My paintings offer a rejuvenating escape from the

daily hustle, providing the much-needed vitamin for the soul.


Picture yourself atop a mountain, surrounded by the vivid hues of my artwork, each stroke representing the resilience and

determination required to conquer life’s challenges. Allow yourself to be immersed in a world where perseverance becomes a

pathway to personal growth and fulfillment.


I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to share more of my art and experiences with you, inviting you to explore the

transformative power of abstract expressionism.


I look forward to sharing more of my art and experience with you.

Pineapple Mountain Top – Abstract – Mountain Tops Collection
Unique art piece made in 2023
Yahaira Vannucchi.
United States.
Painting oil on canvas.
Size : 40 W x 30 H x 1.1/2 D
Professional shipping included.




With Love
Yahaira Cohinta Vannucchi




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