New York Special Edition

Jul 5, 2024 | Artistic Inspiration

New York Special Edition Magazine by ARTIO gallery present

“Mountain Top Collection and Reflection Energy Collection “



Delighted to announce the release of the 3rd edition of Artio Magazine! We’re thrilled by the positive feedback received from both
collectors and our email subscribers. This issue was also distribute at the Museum of Modern European Art in Barcelona and was
enjoyed by all visitors



An accomplished and experienced artist herself, Bisa Bennett understands the importance of creating meaningful opportunities

for artists to exhibit their work. As a curator and multimedia designer, she is also well-versed in creating engaging opportunities

for viewers to experience art. “At our gallery, our vision is to serve as a dynamic and inclusive platform that fosters

connections between artists and art enthusiasts, nurturing a vibrant and diverse artistic community,” she explains.

ARTIO magazine, your premier destination for celebrating global creativity and artistic expression. Delve into a vibrant collection

of artworks across various mediums, styles, and themes, from traditional paintings to cutting-edge digital illustrations, captivating

sculptures, and stunning photography . Reaching art collectors and sub-scribers, worldwide, monthly, ARTIO Magazine offers a

dynamic platform for showcasing the finest in contemporary artistry. ARTIO Magazine will be prominently featured at our

exhibitions worldwide, including New York City, Barcelona’s MEAM museum, Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, the London Biennale,

Miami Red Dot, and the San Diego Art Fair.



Yahaira Vannucchi is an abstract painter based in California. Inspired by her everyday experiences, Vannucchi seeks to connect

with others through her practice. Freedom Energy is from the artist’s large-scale canvas series. The scale and composition of the

piece represents energy as a powerful force.

The painting’s muted colour palette enables the work’s textured surface and expressive abstract form to command the viewer’s

attention. Oil paint has been thickly applied with a palette knife creating a shape reminiscent of a wing in flight. The composition

of the piece creates a sense of upward energy.

Yellow Mountain is from the artist’s Mountain Top series. Vannucchi employs an economical visual language in order to capture

the drama of a mountainous landscape. The painting recalls shifting tectonic plates, ravines, rocky fissures and glacial plateaus.

With Love

Yahaira Vannucchi

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