Mar 16, 2024 | Artistic Inspiration


The Dragon, this mystical amazing animal and representative for

Chinese culture an exceptional power and part of tradition is my

philosophy of daily life.

How cultures and traditions influence each other.I consider that we all have something in common,

only each of the cultures has its particular essence to differentiate but within.


The philosophy that we adopt we have roots that we share them regardless of race, color, religion, morals, integrity, honesty,

solidarity, brotherhood of support at any time..


Benefits in your motor skills

Did you know that painting progressively improves fine motor skills? In other words, every time you pick up a brush, pencil or

paint you will be doing it with more skill than the previous one. In the case of children, painting is especially important for the

development of this type of motor skills, and in adults, it helps to maintain it.



With love,
Yahaira Vannucchi.

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