Milano Unfair Exhibition

Feb 28, 2024 | Artistic Inspiration

Milano Unfair Exhibition Present. The New Animal Collection

This exhibition is very exciting because I’m Mexican with very

Spanish and Italian roots, so I find it even more appealing.


This year I arrive with new surprises for you because art is always to share and give more than one can to raise awareness of humanity.


I share a little of my inspiration how this new collection of animals was born.

This new collection that is exhibited in Milan is very particular because it comes from the roots of a culture that is totally close to

me in my transformation in art.

Inspired me Italy has an influence on me unconsciously because my grandfather had an Italian  partner in his shoes factory and
he used to make frequent trips from Mexico to Italy to see shoes and leather fashion.




Among his many books he had a different kind of books,12-volume encyclopedias related to art, multicultural traditions without

thinking about how important they were in my life. I confirmed my tastes by being close to my mother, In this intervention I am

sharing you my perspective of how history affect us in the way we appreciate it.


Always I am curious to see more details. I made my own translate it into art in my style and passion to convey that there are more

behind and you can discover more beautiful, strong, that conexión with My “Animal Collection” it is.



With Love,

Yahaira Vannucchi.

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