MEAM and ARTIO gallery “Beyond the borders

Jul 5, 2024 | Artistic Inspiration


MEAM and ARTIO gallery ‘Beyond the borders” present Mountain

Top Collection in the most important exhibition in Barcelona, España;

The “Beyond the Borders” exhibition is significant due to its collaboration with one of the most

important modern art museums in Barcelona, renowned for its international impact on exhibitions. I

participated in this event through my representation by ARTIO Gallery, which was responsible for

establishing these connections over the years, thanks to its extensive curatorial experience in

contemporary art.



Thanks to this achievement, the exhibition took place, and I must tell you that there is always a pre-selection of people interested

in viewing the art collections first. These individuals are given VIP spaces where they can enjoy a warm welcome and introduction

by high-level artists, showcasing what happens behind the scenes.



The art world is fascinating because of the social impact it generates, and I believe it’s essential for people to develop an

appreciation for art. On this occasion, I had the pleasure of showcasing pieces from the Mountain Top collection, which had never

been exhibited in any gallery before, and it was fascinating.



And on the other hand, celebrating the launch of ARTIO Gallery’s new magazine, which features my pieces from the Mountain

Top Collection and Reflection Energy, is amazing. It coincides with a significant date for the United States Independence Day.


This day holds great meaning and value not only for those born here but also as an opportunity to appreciate the work

opportunities the system provides to the large migrant community worldwide. We should commend its significant impact on

society through its economic and cultural power, as it overcomes mentalities of scarcity. We should respect and continue positive

contributions in exchange for the opportunities it offers. Happy Fourth of July, America.


With Love

Yahaira Vannucchi

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