Feb 7, 2024 | Artistic Inspiration

How was abstract art born? If there’s one genre of art that

can be debated endlessly, it has to be modern abstract art.

Appreciators celebrate it is ability to break all communal more

emotional boundaries to show the deep and hidden feelings

that rest within the artist’s mind.

While its critics consider it nothing more than a random splash of colors and drawn lines.


Undoubtedly, this is a never-ending discussion, more  you can’t ignore the fact that abstract art is surely one of the most intriguing

aspects of the art world.  A question that continually comes up in people’s minds is what is abstract art and why do abstract

paintings for sale cost millions of dollars.  To understand it is help  you develop an understanding of this confusing but

fascinating genre of art. Before we go any further with the reasons, it is vital to know how abstract art was

born. Before the birth of photography, artists used to create paintings of real-life

scenes and people that were apparent to the human eye.


More apart from the creations of gods and goddesses, spiritual beings, and social

events, there was hardly any representations

of the personal self. Paradigm shift was observed in the art industry after the dawn of photography.




The natural landscape that artists tried to recreate on canvas with numerous efforts was now rendered as it is in a matter of

seconds. As photography took over a large part of the expression of reality more artists stopped striving to capture a landscape

that could be easily photographed. Them being artists began to delve into their minds to discover those thoughts and ideas that

were the fruit of the human mind’s love of art and this marked the birth of abstract art.



With Love,

Yahaira Vannucchi.

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