Cliff Hanger great exhibition 2023

Dec 4, 2023 | Artistic Inspiration

Cliff Hanger great exhibition 2023


Now I can tell you every single detail are working in collaboration

with MONAT gallery



In this first semester of my business as an international artist collaborating with MONAT gallery gives me a vision of how to be clear in my goals for the next year.


I’m telling you this part of the process because if you’re going through the same learning process, let me explain that no one gets

rich overnight and dreams don’t come true that fast.


If you are a true artist, they sell pieces of art but you want to sell more and you want to

make more exhibitions, everything always arrives and if it comes, believe me, what I tell

you what you have to do is continue working on all the successes achieved and repeat

them in the following year.







Another great international exhibition “Madrid Spain” we are going to have another in 2024 If you

couldn’t attend this year you can plan it in advance and enjoy new art collections and every time it

gets more interesting .




so I look forward to seeing you at the next exhibition near you.




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