Jul 31, 2023 | Artistic Inspiration

All artists make art pieces with different techniques.


What inspires me to paint, is having connection with my surroundings

to be present in what is happening in the world.


If you are talking about violence and what is behind the darkness in each situation, does not help me or benefit
anyone. With art I have proposed to find solutions if you have been in that disturbing situation in your life.


I can generate through painting a state of tranquility where I project part of my experience in creativity and make
feel, motivate, take action to most people who get the message.To change the world is a matter one if one
changes the world changes too. The most powerful tool is action of self-awareness and art could help connect
with yourself.


When you go to college you learn to develop skills that you never practiced and in life one has to have all the skills and tools

possible to face any situation.


Going out to enjoy the panorama is a pleasure that little they can appreciate is part of life.




This unique piece titled “La Donna e Adorabile ” was created in 2022 by Yahaira Vannucchi. I am an artist, urban planner, coach,

and entrepreneur with more than 16 years of teaching experience


I merged music, literature and painting in this piece. The famous opera by Luciano Pavarotti La Donna e mobile interpreted by

feather pen. I chose the words that move me and make me positive. This is my version.


I look forward to sharing more of my art and experience with you. 


La Donna e Adorabile – Abstract – Adorable Age Collection.

Unique art piece made in 2022.

Yahaira Vannucchi.

United States.

Painting oil on canvas.

Size : 24 W x 36 H x 1.1/2 D.

Free professional shipping.

With Love

Yahaira Cohinta Vannucchi.




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